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Pan Sobieski aka Richard Golazeski, King of Poland
Pan Mihal Malecki, Winged Hussar

Born in 1624 in the village of Malki in the voivodship of Toruń.

Studied in the University of Krakow until choosing a military calling first as light cavalryman than as a Hussar. 

During the Swedish Deluge defended the monastery of Jasna Gora from the Swedes.  As hetman of a confederation of noblemen fighting the Swedes, he is now known as “the Hammer of the Swedes”.

Married to Pani Mary Malecka, last seen riding into a regiment of Janissaries, swinging his war hammer, at the relief of Vienna under our glorious King Jan III Sobieski in 1683. 

Pani Johana Karasinski, Queen Jadwiga
Pan Jurek aka George Drukarov, Pancerni

• Born 1660 in Homel, Minskoe Voivodstvo
• Educated at the Warsaw University.
• Porucznik, in command of a squadron of Pancerni Cavalry
• Served under King Jan III Sobieski at the Battle of Vienna against the Turks, 1683.

Pan Casimir, Winged Hussar

• Born 1655 in Drohiczyn, Podlaskie Voivodeship
• Educated at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow & Jesuit Academy of Vilnius
• Rotmistrz (Colonel), commander of a division or rota of Winged Hussars
• Served under King Jan III Sobieski at the Battle of Vienna against the Turks, 1683 

Nikolai Ordynetski aka Nick Ordonez, Kozak

Nikolai was born into a peasant family in Belorus.. 

As a young child he was abducted by Tatars during a raid on his village. He spent a year in captivity and was rescued by Zaporozhian Kozaks who took him into the Sich. He proved to be an able and skillful warrior and earned respect of his elders. 

Vlad Mudragel, Kozak
Andrey Mudragel, Kozak
Pani Mary Malecka
Liudas, Kozak