The Czarniecki Division Yahoo Group: Based in New England. 
Winged hussars, pancerni cossacks and light cavalry.  The largest 
17th century Polish reenactment group in the USA.  Discussion group, 
photos, links.  The group does several reenactments and festival 
appearances each year, members perform fencing, archery and riding 
demos at events.

Winged Hussar Foundation: A new site based in Poland dedicated 
to hussar today and back then.  It is run by our friend Bartosz Siedlar 
and features lots of great You tubes on hussar re-enacting today in 
Definately one of the most fascinating sites on the subject.

The Banner of St Michal:  A new reenactment group based in the 
Mid West /Chicagoland area with members in several states.  This 
17th cen. Polish grou pfocuses on the 1683 Vienna Campaign and a 
couple decades earlier.

Orlicki's Polish Light Artillery Group: A 17th century Polish 
reenactment group based around Kismeta, the group's working replica 
of a period artillery.  The artillery crew is supported by hussars, 
pancerni and dragoons.  This site is an excellent resource for new 
recruits to get information on getting started as a 17th century 

Polish Art Center - A great store featuring Polish books, arts and 
crafts, music, jewelery, gifts and of course the Polish Re-enactors 
Handbook. Located in Hamtramck MI for over 30 years.

Polska Reustawa - Also known as Katski's Regiment. A 17th century 
Polish reenactment group based on dragoons and pancerni cossacks 
with an emphasis on firearms and horse archery. 

The Royal White Eagle The Royal White Eagle guild is a historical 
re-enactment group that performs at events in California and Nevada. 
The group presents the travels and travails of Polish Magnats and 
their household during the mid-1500s to the courts of Europe

discussion group with hundreds of worldwide members.  Lots of great 
conversations and debates go on here.

The Sienkiewicz Society:  A Polish cultural organization based in 
Arlington, Va. that the 17th cen. Polish-Lithuanian-Ukranian 
Commonwealth groups like Czarniecki, Katski, Orlicki, Kozaky and St 
Michal operated under.