Hussar Armor

Winged Hussar Plate Armor, consisted of many components. Breast plate with one or two wings, gorget, poldrons and arm guards and a helmet.

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Pancerni Kit

Kit for a Pancherni Medium Cavalry. Consists of chain mail armor with Misurka helm. 9" lance, Calkan Shield, Saidak (bow and arrow quiver) Konserz, Palash and Hussar saber as well as a pair of pistols or a carbine.

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Hussar Saber

An Early XVII Century Hussar Saber

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Chekan Axe

Chekan Axe, Steel head with engraving. Wood haft with brass accent and steel tip. 

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Cartridge Belly Box

A Hussar cartridge Box for a pistol or carbine. Leather with a wood block. 

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Bazurdan (powder flask)

A Silver Chased Powder Flask. Steel with Koftigari silver enlay. 

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Powder Horn

Powder Horn, Cow or Buffalo Horn with wood cap and brass fittings. 

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Karacena Armor

Karacena Armor is a scale version of the Hussar Armor.

It is composed of small scales in a style of Sarmation warriors. It is reserved for higher ranking Hussars and Hetmans.

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Kalkan shield

Kalkan shield has been adopted by Hussaria from Turks and Tatars. 

Light weight shield composed of coiled reed and covered by silk thread. It is capable of stopping an arrow or a saber stroke.

Mostly used by Pancerni or Light Cavalry. 

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Nadziak also known as a War Hammer is a weapon specifically designed to be used against heavy armor.

It has a sharp beak for punching through plate armor and a hammer for blunt force strikes. In the rare time of peace the points were required to be turned down by a local smith to prevent Szlachta from killing each other in a Tavern brawls. 

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